2020 Seniors

Take a look at our graduating seniors of 2020 and their advice for future members!

Lead/Engineering Department

Freddy Cabrera: Executive Director

Freddy Cabrera: Executive Director

Freddy Cabrera: Executive Director


Major Pursuing: Mechanical Engineering

College/University: Stony Brook University

"Have fun in the shortest 4 years of your life. Before you know it you will be a veteran graduating too!"

Cody Rodriguez: Apprentice

Freddy Cabrera: Executive Director

Freddy Cabrera: Executive Director


Major Pursuing: Astrophysics

College/University: Michigan State University

"Be like me"

Business/Prouctions Department


MD Anindo: Director

Major Pursuing: Business/Engineering

College/University: Lafayette College

"Express your opinions, the team won't change if you don't start making changes. Robotics with friends was the highlight of highschool"


Rehnuma Tarannum: Manager of Finance

Major Pursuing: Business Administration and Management  

College/University: The City College of New York

"After joining The Full Metal Beavers your life will never be boring. You will find yourself in many different situations."


Shanna Ally: Treasurer

Major Pursuing: Business or Pre-Law

College/University: Queens College

" There’s plenty of opportunities out there so don’t be easily discouraged, and don’t forget to have fun. I believe in You!!!"


Anupa Gulab: Film Director

Major Pursuing: Undecided

College/University: Baruch College

"If you ever had an idea, thought or opinion never let it get unheard, your voice matters!!! (Coming from the girl who no one listened to but I didn’t let that stop me😤)"


Kehanna Nosworthy: Manager of Productions

Major Pursuing: Undecided

College/University: Brooklyn College

"This team has given me more than knowledge or just a place to be after school but a family that I can always depend on in the times I need them the most."


Saihaan Chowdhury: Editor/Camera Operator

Major Pursuing: Computer Science

College/University: Queens College

"When you're feeling down, look up above the horizon. There's many awesome people you'll see up there."


Janiel Carrasco: Video Editor

Major Pursuing: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  

College/University: Wells College

"Tackle everyday knowing that you’re one of a kind. You will always play a major role in expanding the horizons of another as well as your own, keep yourself open to new opportunities, ideas, and friendships."

Competition Department


Masrur Chowdhury: Director

Major Pursuing: Physics

College/University: Middlebury College

"Never give up no matter what. Whether you're in a leadership or collaborator role, if you are challenged then you are improving so don’t stop improving."


Joel Ramirez: Manager of Awards

Major Pursuing: Computer Engineering and/or Game Design 

College/University: Baruch College

"Own up to your actions, live by them, and learn from them. This amazing team, or rather family, are what taught me that. Don't waste your time taking baby steps into new territory, take a leap, take a risk, the team will always be there for you."

Operations Department


Bushra Khan: Director

Major Pursuing: Undecided

College/University: Hunter College

"If you are not the director of operations yet, just wait a month. On a serious note, just keep up with everything and everyone. The members are the keys to our success."


Satuna Mowrin: Training Coordinator

Major Pursuing: Psychology

College/University: Lafayette College

"Always shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll die in space, which is super cool!"


Shamara Smellie: Manager of Recruitment

Major Pursuing: Biology most likely

College/University: City College of New York 

"I joined the team when I was a junior and I regret not joining earlier. Being on this team I have learned so much about people and the real world. I have had an amazing experience with my friends who I sometimes consider my family"


Sanjidah Haque: Physical Safety Advisor

Major Pursuing: Neuroscience

College/University: Queens College

“If you don’t make mistakes, you look boring.” - Dr. French 


Mohammed Chowdhury: Manager of Communications

Major Pursuing: Aerospace Engineering

College/University: Cornell University

"Being a Full Metal Beaver has been a pivotal experience that helped shape the person I am today. I hope members on the team continue to strive for greatness and take each accomplishment, setback, and experience as an opportunity to grow."


Maisha Alam: Event Coordinator/Documentor

Major Pursuing: Biological Sciences

College/University: Barnard College

"Life is not always what you expect it to be. Keep working hard, go with the flow and cherish every moment"


Taminul Hoque: Event Coordinator

Major Pursuing: Computer Science

College/University: City Tech

"Encourage yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself."


Chelsea Akintunde

Major Pursuing: Biology

College/University: SUNY College at Old Westbury

"I hope you and your families are staying safe. Also, remember to believe in yourselves and continue working hard."